Secretary's Desk

Secretary's Desk


Acquire skills – Craft your career

We the Josephites of Tirupur, have taken “Acquire Skills-Craft your career’ as our theme for this academic year 2024-2025. A theme is an intuitive power that helps one to march ahead with boldness.

A skill is a learned ability to act with determined results with good execution often within a given amount of time, energy or both.

Skills can be divided into general domain and specific domain. Time management, team work and leadership and self-motivation form the domain of general. Specific skills are connected with certain qualified jobs.

Holistic competency is an umbrella term for different types of generic skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving skills, positive values and attitudes.

Social skills are any skills facilitating interaction and communication with others.

During this Silver Jubilee of our institution, let us take our motto in earnest. Any year of jubilee not only helps us to celebrate it with gratitude but also impels us to find out and execute new ways and methods to improve ourselves and our society.

Let us march towards success.
God bless you.