Infrastructure forms the basis of modern functioning in science, technology, industry, culture and media. It facilitates enhanced learning process and aids in the advancement of technology with dexterity and skill. Infrastructure in colleges forms an integral part in the socio-economic fabric of the country.

Nestled on Kangeyam Road, Tirupur, St.Jospeh’s College is situated in the nucleus of the city. Along with the proximity of surrounding amenities, St. Jospeh’s College affords easy access to students to one of the suburb’s most bustling educational and technological hubs. The College transcends the boundaries of time and location to provide perpetual learning environment for all. It is a premier institution that upholds an exceptionally modern and high-tech resources smoothing the progress of impeccable services for their students and faculty. The capital infrastructure consists of spacious classrooms, laboratories, Library, Auditorium, Herbal Garden and other amenities.

Campus area covers 5.1 acres with 39 class rooms, 12 laboratories and 2 seminar halls. Class rooms and Seminar halls have ICT facility and there are 4 smart classrooms. The Smart Learning approach provides learners with a framework and a host of Smart Thinking Tools that motivate higher levels of understanding. All the science labs are well equipped with upgraded equipments and it is maintained by the Faculty In-charge, Lab Assistants and Maintenance Personnel on a regular basis. The library covers 8960.52 sq.ft. which , is well equipped with modern facilities and updated with the latest software.

The College, to boast its convention has 3 academic blocks –Ravel Block, St. Francis Block and Sacred Heart Block. To provide an academic cum tranquil vibes, the Library has been constructed with contemporary features. The College also houses an elegant chapel which permeates spiritual fervor and instills a sense of moral values and ethics.

The Alona Auditorium and Gabriel Hall built with a fine aesthetic sense helps in enhancing the skills during the conduct of academic and cultural programmes. The Canteen effectively caters to the wellbeing and good health, of all providing hygienic, nutritious, tasty and aromatic food.


Computer Labs

The College has four computer laboratories with 225 computers accessible to students. The systems are used in the department, office and computer labs. All machines are linked with internet- 100 MBPS Bandwidth is available. Digital Library facility is available. It has advanced infrastructure in terms of hardware and software which cater to the requirements of the students, teachers and the curriculum. The college is equipped with a dedicated broadband Internet connection for enterprising students to get a chance to be familiar with the Internet. They do comprehensive exploration for their projects and presentations.

CDF Labs

Costume Design and Fashion lab is well equipped to execute the experiments as prescribed by Bharathiar University in the curriculum. The sewing lab is fully equipped with pedal and power machines. The lab is well spaced for drafting, pattern making and cutting, also our textile testing lab is equipped with various textile testing equipment’s. Dyeing and printing process carried out in textile lab.

Physics Labs

The department is equipped with well-furnished and modern lab facilities. All the UG students are made to do practical classes regularly to make them understand the theory easily. Experiments done in electronics and general physics. From electronics experiments student can construct bridge rectifier and voltage regulation. Using spectrometer wavelength of light source and refractive index of the material can be calculated. In Electronics lab students can create their own circuits and do measurements on it. Microprocessor laboratory is equipped with 8085 Microprocessor kits.


The cathode ray oscilloscope is an electronic test instrument, it is used to obtain waveforms when the different input signals are given. In the early days, it is called as an Oscillograph. The oscilloscope observes the changes in the electrical signals over time, thus the voltage and time describe a shape and it is continuously graphed beside a scale. By seeing the waveform, we can analyze some properties like amplitude, frequency, rise time, distortion, time interval, and etc.


Micrometer Screw Guage is a precision instrument. It is used for measuring diameter of circular object. It has measuring screw handle, satin finish with friction knurling foe easy rotation.


Vernier Calliper is a device which is used to measure the distance between to opposing sides of an object. Vernier Calliper consists of equally spaced divisions which have same total length as main scale divisions.


The main advantage of the resistance box is that the variable resistances are available at one point. If any circuit requires variable resistances, then there is no need of replacing the resistor. The circuit is directly connected to the resistance box, and by changing the rotary switches, the variable resistances are obtained.


A rheostat is a type of resistor that is used to control the flow of electric current. It is made up of a resistive element, typically a coil of wire, and a contact point that can be moved along the length of the element. Rheostats are commonly used as dimmers for lights and other electrical devices. They can be used to lower the power output of a device, which can in turn be used to dim lights or reduce the speed of motors.


The microprocessor solves the problem by the small IC. The Intel 8085 is an 8-bit microprocessor. 8085 has an 8-bit data bus that can transfer data between the microprocessor and other devices and 8085 has six 8-bit registers T (A, B, C, D, E, H, and L) that can be used for storing and manipulating data. The 8085 microprocessor is a versatile and powerful microprocessor that has been used in a wide range of applications, including industrial automation, telecommunications, and consumer electronics.

Chemistry Labs

Chemistry lab is a modern, well-equipped facility where students engage in hands-on experimentation and exploration. With state-of-the-art amenities and knowledgeable faculty, it provides a dynamic environment for learning and discovery. Students gain practical skills, critical thinking abilities, and a deeper appreciation for the wonders of chemistry, preparing them for future scientific endeavors.

Academic and Support Facilities


Library is the heart of any educational institution. The college has a spacious library of 5047 Sq.Ft with 12768 volumes of books on different disciplines. Apart from the textbooks the Library has department wise reference books, journals, magazines, back volumes, thesis, and department wise university question banks also kept in the library. addition to books pertaining to specific domains, biographies of notable figures, and English fiction and motivational books that promotes ethical and moral values. library offers a peaceful environment for optimum use of library materials and schedules the hours of service with professional assistance.


Every student of I and II year degree class should undergo physical education prescribed by the college. General physical education classes are held twice a week. For all the sports and games events, special coaching is offered by the college from 5:30 am to 9:00 am and 4:30 pm to 7:30 pm by special coaches of various athletic events and tournaments. Gym facility is available for the benefit of the students. Outdoor court facility like Volley Ball, Basket Ball, Ball Badminton, Kho-Kho, Kabhadi, Tennis Ball and Hand Ball are available. Health is Wealth. Along with curriculum teaching, human health care is also focused in Physical education. Sports room, gym and playground are maintained by the support staff under the supervision of the physical directress

Helath Care

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