SJC Emblem


The very essence of the emblem is derived from the symbol of the Franciscan Sisters of the Presentation of Mary. The symbol is a picture of our Lady of Presentation standing within a lily. The symbol bears the motto “Ecce Ancilla Domini”, “Behold the Handmaid of the Lord” (LK 1:38). This lily signifies purity and serenity.

The emblem is also an affirmation of the motto of St. Joseph’s College which is “Knowledge Purifies, Charity Enhances”. The cross at the very top of the emblem represents sacrifice and the essential spirit of charity, which enhances life. The flaming torch is symbolic of the kindling flames of knowledge in the minds of students, which enlighten their minds with its radiance. The stately lily stands for purity. The star signifies grace and magnanimity of the guiding light of the College. Olive leaves represent peace. Thus, this guiding spirit, St. Joseph, the “purest lily” imparts infinite knowledge and showers his blessings upon the Institution. The blue in the emblem is the colour of infinity and loyalty. The emblem therefore forms the basis for the College Song, which is sung during assemblies and other important occasions.