“The purpose of literature is to turn blood into ink”

The Department of English Literature was established in 2015. Since its inception the department has been playing an important role in establishing relevant specialization such as English Language Teaching, Communicative skills, Poetry and Drama. The department has set forth to project itself as a centre of excellence, as English plays a special and predominant role in the communicative sphere of the world.


  • To offer opportunities to explore literature and language across cultures.
  • To motivate students to be responsible citizens and to make every student humane.
  • To initiate necessary changes in teaching and learning processes, materials and evaluation practices at regular intervals, to be in tune with the current trends.


The objective of teaching English Literature is not “Producing bookworms” or “Linguistic robots”

  • To motivate the students and create awareness about the importance of English and gradually helping them to achieve their goals.
  • Its basic idea is to make the student independent.

To develop:

(i) Language aspect: Words, Sentences, Pronunciation, Spelling and Grammar.
(ii) Literature aspect: Words, Sentences, Expressing ideas, Feelings and Experiences.

  • To inspire an aesthetic appreciation for English Literature and Language.
  • To cultivate intellectual curiosity, creativity and the desire for lifelong learning.
  • To inculcate effective use of English in creative expression and day-to-day life.
  • To enable the students to analyze the element of language and establish the appropriate relationship among linguistic components.
  • To develop interest in reading English passages / literature.
  • To develop self study habit.
  • To develop the ability of appreciation of ideas and criticize the thinking.
  • To develop the values, moral and character of the students.


  • Our resolve is to remain steadfast in our commitment to make our modest contribution to the society by designing and implementing short term, need based courses in English.
  • Adding regularly the most current and upcoming areas of knowledge to our students in order to strengthen teaching and research in English studies.
  • To foster association with Parents and Alumni, and interaction from time to time to update ourselves about the changing needs.