The Department of Psychology strives to set trends in the study of human behavioral characteristics by forming tight partnerships with students and faculty to teach them the scientific foundations of human behavior and mental processes occurring in challenging environments.


The Department of Psychology’s specific academic goal is to give students a comprehension of

Individual experience and behavior underpinned by mental processes and structures.


  • Recognizing the techniques to enhance one’s physical and psychological growth.
  • Fostering and enhancing students’ counselling abilities and preparing them to handle social issues psychologically
  • The use of scientific psychological principles to address private and public challengesin order to prepare pupils for professions in science.
  • To have students ready to use scientific knowledge when learning, teaching, and researching their theories to deal with holistic mental health.

Future Plans

  • To give our graduates a top-notch education in psychology’s fundamental concepts.
  • To educate and prepare our graduate students for professions in scientific psychology and practice that is supported by science.
  • Implement these educational objectives in a research-focused department that is built on the tenets of scholarly excellence, interdisciplinary cooperation, and extensive service.
  • To carry out internship-related work while being supervised by a qualified and licensed mental health practitioner.